Education occupies a key place and works as a powerful catalyst for raising the intelligence know how of an individual.
We at Global Academy of Vaastu and Design are aware of this enormous impact and lay great stress on education, quality one at that too. So emphatic is our reliance on this point that we take in only 10-15 students at a time for each Class/Course, for architecture entrance coaching. This ensures greater interaction with each student and makes them more involved in the subject topic and enable them to achieve better clarity and thinking of their doubts and views.
We hold periodic mock, Aptitude and psychological test to assess our student’s knowledge and understanding of the subject. We encourage our students to come up with their doubts. Learning at Global Academy of Vaastu and Design is never a tiresome or a boring session, but is Stimulating, Interesting and Educative. We look forward with tremendous enthusiasm and passion and usher Global Academy of Vaastu and Design to greater heights and earn the status of a world - class coaching center in Architecture Entrance exams.